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During more than 400 years Tzaryzin – Stalingrad – Volgograd has played an important role in the history of Russia.

Founded in 1589 as a guarding fortress of the southern borders of Russia, Tzaryzin was a witness of many historical events. Revolutionary armies of Stepan Razin, Kondrat Bulavin, Yemelyan Pugachev and other leaders of peasantry movement were fighting at the walls of it. Tzaryzin was in the number of the first cities to put up the Red Banner of October after the city of Petrograd. It had left far beyond many suburban cities of Russia in the matters of economic development, and by the beginning of XX century it had become a large trading and industrial center of the Lower Volga.

Before the World War II Stalingrad was known to be a growing industrial center. In the northern part of the city there was built the first in the USSR tractor-producing plant. Quite a sizable electrical plant was in the process of construction and the building of ship-manufacturing plant was already finished. Stalingrad was producing 40% of all the country’s tractors, third part of details of a highest quality and its wood-manufacturing factories were providing the mines of Donbass with wood and exporting it in large amounts. The load of seaport and railways recognizably increased. Air transportation - the newest means of transport – was in the stage of rapid development.

The city played an important role in the economy of the country, the perspectives of its further development also looked promising. But this path of success was interrupted by the war. Two hundred days and two hundred nights lasted the battle for the city, which couldn’t be compared to anything in the history of the world. Stalingrad Battle was destined to be one of the most tragic and, within this, one of the most important pages in the history of the Great Patriotic War. On the 2nd of February 1943 the vigorous attack of Hitler’s best units was clogged, and this event paved the way for the core change in the history of World War II.

The heroic deed, made in Stalingrad, shall remain in our memory forever. This surely was not only the heroism of the soldiers, who had defended the city, but also it was the heroism of the citizens of Stalingrad, who had performed the reconstruction works there. After viewing the ruins of the streets and plant buildings, the ex-ambassador of USA in Soviet Union Davis said: “This city is dead and you will never revive it.” But, against all expectations, Stalingrad has resurrected itself out of the ashes.

Nowadays Volgograd is a large industrial, administrative, educative and culturally-enlightening center, the population of which has reached the number of one million citizens. The city possesses a powerful multi-fielded industrial complex, including more than 130 plants, factories and production units. Moreover, Volgograd is also famous for being a memorial city. The buildings of Tzaryzin times, memorials devoted to the historical events, memorial places and places of interest of the city watchfully keep the witness of the past.

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